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The HCESC Administrative Search Six-Step Commitment

Our Administrative Search Services are designed to help you find the right candidate for your district. With HCESC as your partner, you will benefit from our Six-Step Commitment. And our commitment doesn’t end when you hire the right match - we provide mentoring and executive coaching for a year at no additional cost.



Time is critical to the search process, as is the criteria. We begin our collaborative planning process with the start date the Board has for their new administrator, and backwards plan. After establishing key checkpoints on our timeline, the criteria will be defined with input from key stakeholders. Stakeholders may involve anyone you decide, from administrators to teachers, parents to students, and even community members. The Board will finalize the criteria to be posted and used as the foundation for the screening process. This also initiates regional, state, and national recruitment.


Anyone can post and mail brochures, but we believe in the power of personal connections. Through partnering with Hamilton County ESC, you can tap into the strength of the national ESC network for your Administrative Search. We have a strong connection system - across the state through the Ohio Educational Service Center Association, and nationwide through the Association of Educational Service Agencies. Our network generates more quality candidates to match your district’s needs.


We want to bring the best fit candidates to your interviews. The criteria we help develop will allow our Search Team to create a rubric by which to screen applicants. Those who rank highly on this rubric are vetted thoroughly. Our vetting includes personal contact with applicants, reference checks, and potentially visits to districts where the candidate has worked. Through this stage of the Administrative Search, we are in constant contact: providing updates, copies of applications, and results of our vetting.


Our goal is to simplify the Administrative Search for the Board. After presenting the most qualified candidates, and after the Board selects the interviewees, we create the interview schedule and help facilitate the process. We have a set of possible questions for interviews, and we provide training in the interviewing process - which includes an interview form the Board can use as a guide.


The desired outcome is hiring the best person for leading the district. Our presence during the Administrative Search will make this process easier. We continuously vet the candidates as the pool narrows, supporting the Board in second and third rounds of interviews. Additionally, we recommend community meetings which involve staff, parents, students, and other community members meeting the candidates. We can facilitate these kinds of community meetings, as well as collect information from those participating.


Our commitment does not end once you hire a candidate. Mentoring and Executive Coaching for the new leader will be made available throughout the first year for the new administrator at no additional cost. We will continue to be in regular contact with both the Board and the new administrator.

We know how important communication is for this process. We believe in building a strong, collaborative approach between the Board and the Search Team at HCESC. With us as your partner, your Administrative Search will end in success.

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