Attendance Services

This service option provides a comprehensive approach to dealing with students with attendance issues. It covers services from the investigation of students with attendance problems, court referrals, and case coordination to Diversionary Court hearings and official Juvenile Court presentations.

Attendance Services

Complete investigation of students with attendance issues, including a warning letter to parent/guardian, phone consultation with parent/guardian/school, home/school visits with student and/or parent, police escort with truant student, search for missing students, filing of student and parent charges and case presentation at Hamilton County Diversionary and Juvenile Court proceedings; ongoing monitoring of student attendance after referral and feedback to school regarding court cases; assistance with custody, residency, and homeless issues.

Diversionary Court Services

Students' misdemeanor offenses are heard weekly before the Diversionary Court Referee. Offenses range from truancy (including excessive tardiness); disorderly conduct (fighting); harassment (bullying or threats); theft, and unruliness (any violation of Districts' Policies). Parent conferences are also held as an intervention prior to official filing against parents. Referrals are made to intervention/counseling agencies.

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