Educational Audiologists are specialists involved in the study of normal and impaired hearing, identification and assessment of hearing problems, use of hearing assistive technology (HAT), and the prevention of hearing loss. The Educational Audiologist understands school-based issues and practices and can assist the school team in understanding the link between hearing, language and learning. Educational Audiology services are required by IDEIA for a child with a hearing disability. Only an Educational Audiologist can determine the need for and fit HAT.

Why do I need an educational audiologist? To...

  • Identify the presence and severity of hearing problems in children ages 3 through 21
  • Determine the range, nature and degree of hearing loss
  • Assess the benefits of hearing assistive technology (HAT) and amplification including the selection, fitting and monitoring of such devices
  • Provision of on-site assistance to check the functioning of hearing aids and HAT systems
  • Provide instruction in the care, use and maintenance of amplification and assistive hearing technology devices
  • Participate in collaborative consultation with teams of professionals on strategies and situations to address the communication needs of the child
  • Recommend appropriate modification and adaptations to classroom acoustical environment to maximize the child’s auditory learning potential and in-service school personnel and community members
  • Maintain communication with teachers, parents, children and outside agencies and provides counseling on the educational needs of a child with a hearing disability as well as participation with ETR/IEP teams
  • Consult on newly identified and implanted children

Did you know?

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