Autism/Social Communication/Behavior Coaching and Consultation

Are you looking for ways to improve instruction provided to preschool through transitioning adult students who have autism, social communication or behavioral difficulties?  Are you looking for ways to increase student achievement? Consider our new autism and behavioral coaching service. Our experienced consultants/coaches work to increase teacher and student growth by providing on the spot evidenced based practices and resources that can address issues teachers and students face daily in their classrooms.  In addition to increasing student and teacher performance, the consultants/coaches strive to work with all staff to build capacity, comfort, and knowledge of students who have autism, social communication or behavioral difficulties.

HCESC Autism and Behavioral Consultants/Coaches can provide:

  • Individual or classroom coaching and professional development
  • Ongoing collaborative work with team members including the intervention specialist, general educators, paraprofessionals, and related service personnel in both the resource room and inclusionary classrooms
  • Assessment
  • Environmental supports and classroom design
  • Curriculum adaptations and modifications
  • Evidence based instructional methods
  • Behavior support
  • Social skills programming
  • Individualized student consultation
  • Developing and increasing communication systems
  • Building capacity by working with staff and providing on the spot professional development
  • Augmentative and technology supports


Teresa Clevidence, 513.674.4568
Sandy Crowell, 513.674.4231