Contemporary Learning Institute

Contemporary Learning Institute

The world is changing rapidly, yet schools are still structured in the format that existed for the last century. Instructional practice needs to be re-engineered to support today’s students as they face the challenges of college, career, and life. The courses within the Contemporary Learning Institute offer you new resources and strategies to assist in the transformation of an environment that engages students and prepares them for success. Listed below are the five courses offered within the Contemporary Learning Institute. Watch the video for more information regarding these courses.

Fostering Creativity

Experiences within this course include strategies for teaching risk-taking, innovation and curiosity – all necessary skills for creativity. Additionally, classroom tools, resources and strategies for promoting inquiry and divergent thinking through play, invention, and entrepreneurship will be explored.

Globally Connected Learning

Models to “flatten your classroom” and best practices for developing digital, media, and global literacies will be provided. Relevant and applied methodologies for student presentation, productivity, collaboration and communication using today’s tools will be introduced as suggestions for student and classroom experiences.

Re-igniting the Learner Within

600,000 students grades 5-12 were surveyed by Gallup in 2013, results revealed that 32% felt “stuck” in their learning and 28% were engaged but “mentally checked out”. Experiences within this course will provide sound and effective instructional strategies and practices that address the needs of the reluctant and disengaged learners.

Social and Emotional Learning

Research shows that Social Emotional Learning promotes a host of academic, social,and emotional benefits for students. This course will assist teachers 
in including aspects of SEL into their classrooms as a means for students to learn, form relationships, solve everyday problems, and adapt to the complex demands of growth and development.

Authentic Problem Solving

Research and contemporary learning perspectives on how students learn suggest that authentic tasks and authentic problem solving are powerfully effective for learning. This course will provide experiences to explore, design, and deliver opportunities for your students to be problem solvers with relevant tasks. The learning presented in this course will connect across all disciplines and grade levels.