HCESC Staff Directory

Staff from Administrative Offices, Center for Early Learning Programs
& Learning Center at North Norwood

Last Name First Name Colleague Title Email Phone
Allen Bennie Cook 1 bennie.allen@hcesc.org 674-4344
Allen Charlotte Family Service Worker charlotte.allen@hcesc.org 674-4299
Apfelbeck Jean SST Early Childhood Speech Language Pathologist  jean.apfelbeck@hcesc.org 674-4235
Atchison Tracy Education Consultant tracy.atchison@hcesc.org 674-4227
Austin Karen Center Coordinator - Instructional Services karen.austin@hcesc.org 674-4512
Bates Gary Print and Facility Support Specialist gary.bates@hcesc.org 674-4253
Bates Robin Human Resources Coordinator robin.bates@hcesc.org 674-4243
Beamon Ronita Teacher Assistant ronita.beamon@hcesc.org 396-5941
Beccaccio Theresa Quality & Compliance Monitor theresa.beccaccio@hcesc.org 674-4386
Berger Angela Family Service Worker angela.berger@hcesc.org 674-4299
Black Tasha Intervention Specialist-SBH tasha.black@hcesc.org 396-5940
Blackwell Andrea Education Field Supervisor andrea.blackwell@hcesc.org 674-4398
Brinkman Katie Intake/Recruitment Assistant katie.brinkman@hcesc.org 674-4336
Brown Lauren Supervisor - School Nurses & Interpreters lauren.brown@hcesc.org 674-4310
Brown Susan Supervisor - Speech and Language susan.brown@hcesc.org 674-4204
Bubnick Laura Instructional Technology Consultant laura.bubnick@hcesc.org 674-4244
Burke Rita Administrative Assistant (Human Resources) rita.burke@hcesc.org 674-4242
Burts-Beatty Mona State Support Team Consultant mona.burtsBeatty@hcesc.org 674-4221
Bushelman Rita Supervisor - Visually Impaired & Occupational Therapy rita.bushelman@hcesc.org 674-4559
Campbell Lisa Education Consultant lisa.campbell@hcesc.org 674-4291
Carney Stephanie Educational Audiologist stephanie.carney@hcesc.org 674-4210
Clapsaddle Michelle Education Consultant michelle.clapsaddle@hcesc.org 674-4223
Clemons Vikki Executive Director of Instructional Services vikki.clemons@hcesc.org 674-4212
Clevidence Teresa Supervisor - Instructional Specialist & Asst. Technology teresa.clevidence@hcesc.org 674-4568
Cox Angela Family Service Worker angela.cox@hcesc.org 674-4299
Cox Lisa Fiscal & Educational Data Specialist lisa.cox@hcesc.org 674-4297
Crema Karen Education Consultant karen.crema@hcesc.org 674-4208
Crist Barb Educational Leadership Consultant barb.crist@hcesc.org 674-4273
Crowell Sandy Supervisor - Early Learning Services sandy.crowell@hcesc.org 674-4231
Curran Allison Education Consultant allison.curran@hcesc.org 674-4317
Dale Betty Transportation Specialist betty.dale@hcesc.org 674-4295
Deimling Janet Teacher Asst - SBH janet.deimling@hcesc.org 396-5940
Demmler Sally Director of Intervention and Support Services sally.demmler@hcesc.org 674-4270
Dietrich Nicole Education Consultant - Gifted nicole.dietrich@hcesc.org 674-4233
DiMarco Linda School Improvement Consultant linda.dimarco@hcesc.org 674-4261
Distel Dave Superintendent dave.distel@hcesc.org 674-4236
Dowers Brenda Administrative Assistant (COG) brenda.dowers@hcesc.org 674-4267
Duffy Yvette Nutrition Manager yvette.duffy@hcesc.org 674-4357
Dwenger Rebecca Instructional Technology Consultant rebecca.dwenger@hcesc.org 674-4548
Earhardt Amanda Mental Health Specialist amanda.earhardt@hcesc.org 674-4299
Eckert Michael Education Consultant michael.eckert@hcesc.org 674-4262
Edwards Frances Compliance Coordinator frances.edwards@hcesc.org 674-4330
Ferris Greg Custodian/Maintenance greg.ferris@hcesc.org 674-4279
Fessel Elizabeth School Improvement Consultant elizabeth.fessel@hcesc.org 674-4272
Fiorino Kristen Early Head Start Supervisor kristen.fiorino@hcesc.org 674-4332
Fischer Missy Accounting Specialist missy.fischer@hcesc.org 674-4275
Fitz Amanda Educational Audiologist amanda.fitz@hcesc.org 674-4547
Flach Jan Intake/Recruitment Assistant jan.flach@hcesc.org 674-4333
Fong Patty Educational Consultant - ESL patty.fong@hcesc.org 674-4284
Galloway Hanna Early Head Start Home Visitor hanna.galloway@hcesc.org 674-4299
Gardella Gary Educational Leadership Consultant gary.gardella@hcesc.org 674-4313
Gerth Linda PE Teacher linda.gerth@hcesc.org 396-5940
Gilkey Chris School Psychologist chris.gilkey@hcesc.org 396-5956
Gillette Ginnie Curriculum Consultant ginnie.gillette@hcesc.org 674-4314
Gillman Erin Mental Health Specialist erin.gillman@hcesc.org 674-4299
Glick Tracy Intervention Specialist-SBH tracy.glick@hcesc.org 396-5940
Grant Darlene Data/Reporting Specialist darlene.grant@hcesc.org 674-4299
Greco MaryBeth Administrative Assistant (PD & Mentoring Support) marybeth.greco@hcesc.org 674-4259
Green Marianne Family Service Worker marianne.green@hcesc.org 674-4299
Haake-Blue Amanda Intervention Specialist-SBH amanda.haakeblue@hcesc.org 396-5940
Haap Jason School Improvement Consultant jason.haap@hcesc.org 674-4522
Haller Jennifer Instructional Technology Consultant jennifer.haller@hcesc.org 674-4213
Heideman Renita Director of Technology renita.heideman@hcesc.org 674-4312
Heitzman Melissa Supervisor - Learning Center melissa.heitzman@hcesc.org 396-5940
Hensler Kelley Teacher Assistant kelley.hensler@hcesc.org 396-5940
Hensley Amy Instructional Technology Consultant amy.hensley@hcesc.org 674-4225
Hester Greg Executive Director of Human Resources greg.hester@hcesc.org 674-4248
Heyob Karen Education Coordinator karen.heyob@hcesc.org 674-4335
Holland Amy Mental Health Specialist amy.holland@hcesc.rog 674-4292
Horspool Olga Bi-lingual Manager olga.horspool@hcesc.org 674-4348
Hoskins Jelecia Family Service Coordinator jelecia.hoskins@hcesc.org 674-4399
Jackson Laverne Family Service Worker laverne.jackson@hcesc.org 674-4299
Jackson Megan Assistant Treasurer megan.jackson@hcesc.org 674-4239
James Ann Project-Grant Manager ann.james@hcesc.org 674-4219
Jandes Lori Work Study Coordinator lori.jandes@hcesc.org 396-5940
Jerdon Tami Administrative Assistant (Urban Educational & ESL) tami.jordon@hcesc.org 674-4278
Jones Debbie Teacher Assistant - Early Childhood debbie.jones@hcesc.org 396-5940
Jones Trina Family Service Worker trina.jones@hcesc.org 674-4299
Juenger Julie Early Head Start Home Visitor julie.juenger@hcesc.org 674-4299
Jutzi Jerri Technology Specialist jerri.jutzi@hcesc.org 674-4334
Kennedy Melonie Data/Communication melonie.kennedy@hcesc.org 674-4346
Kennedy Stephannie PD/Curriculum Specialist stephannie.kennedy@hcesc.org 674-4285
Kettle Kathy Education Consultant kathy.kettle@hcesc.org 674-4504
Kidd Linda Family Service Worker linda.kidd@hcesc.org 674-4299
Klein Brittny Quality & Compliance Monitor brittny.klein@hcesc.org 674-4288
Knestrict Christine Education Consultant SST christine.knestrict@hcesc.org 674-4254
Koch Abby Family Service Worker abby.koch@hcesc.org 674-4299
Kohler Jennifer Administrative Assistant (SST & Early Childhood) jennifer.kohler@hcesc.org 674-4246
Kovacs Rob Communications Coordinator rob.kovacs@hcesc.org 674-4205
Kramer Kathy Education Field Supervisor kathy.kramer@hcesc.org 674-4337
Kramer Steve Customer Engagement Director steve.kramer@hcesc.org 674-4224
Kupferle Elizabeth Intervention Specialist-SBH elizabeth.kupferle@hcesc.org 396-5940
Lateer-Huhn Alicia Education Consultant alicia.lateerhuhn@hcesc.org 674-4289
Lawrence Joan Coordinator Intervention Support Services joan.lawrence@hcesc.org 674-4247
Lawson Ron Technology Support ron.lawson@hcesc.org 674-4290
Lehmkuhl Karen Education Consultant karen.lehmkuhl@hcesc.org 674-4271
Leming Becky Administrative Assistant (Intervention Support Services) becky.leming@hcesc.org 674-4202
Lewis Anita Administrative Assistant (Technology Assistance Group) anita.lewis@hcesc.org 674-4228
Lewis Jeff Accounting Specialist - Payables/Invoicing jeff.lewis@hcesc.org 674-4263
Lewis Trent Xerox Department Copier xerox@hcesc.org 674-4319
Manzi Marci Health Manager marci.manzi@hcesc.org 674-4266
Maranda Anne Education Consutlant anne.maranda@hcesc.org 674-4209
Maringer George Accounting Specialist george.maringer@hcesc.org 674-4361
Marshall Katie Supervisor - Hearing Impaired & School Psychologist katie.marshall@hcesc.org 674-4281
Martin Christy Teacher Asst - SBH christy.martin@hcesc.org 396-5940
McHugh Catherine Health Services Specialist catherine.mchugh@hcesc.org 674-4343
McKinley Mary Secretary mary.mckinley@hcesc.org 396-5940
Meisner Pamela Education Field Supervisor pamela.meisner@hcesc.org 674-4320
Mena-Smith Viviana Family Service Worker viviana.menasmith@hcesc.org 674-4299
Messbarger Heidi Education Consultant heidi.messbarger@hcesc.org 674-4359
Messerschmidt Teri Autism/Behavior Consultant teri.messerschmidt@hcesc.org 674-4258
Meyrose Nancy Curriculum Support Assistant nancy.meyrose@hcesc.org 674-4311
Mielke Tracy Executive Assistant tracy.mielke@hcesc.org 674-4251
Miller Lisa Supervisor - Early Learning Services lisa.miller@hcesc.org 674-4269
Miller Sara Early Head Start Home Visitor sara.miller@hcesc.org 674-4299
Miller Vikki State Support Team - Early Learning vikki.miller@hcesc.org 674-4218
Moeller Jenny Curriculum Consultant jenny.moeller@hcesc.org 674-4222
Morehead Erin Mental Health Specialist erin.morehead@hcesc.org 674-4299
Mueller Shelley Assistant to the Treasurer shelley.mueller@hcesc.org 674-4294
Muse Karen School/Business Partnership Coordinator karen.muse@hcesc.org 674-4224
Musolino Natalie Intervention Specialist natalie.musolino@hcesc.org 674-4505
Myers Deb Director of Business Development deb.myers@hcesc.org 674-4226
Nagel Kim Receptionist kim.nagel@hcesc.org 674-4200
Newman Joseph Assistant Principal joseph.newman@hcesc.org 396-5940
Oberdorf Jerry Facilities Coordinator jerry.oberdorf@hcesc.org 674-4241
O'Bryant Louann Custodian/Maintenance louann.obryant@hcesc.org 674-4229
O'Leary Molly Family & Community Partnership Manager molly.oleary@hcesc.org 674-4303
Phiffer Jacinda Quality Assurance/Facilities Coordinator jacinda.phiffer@hcesc.org 674-4331
Phillips Georgia Supervisor - Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy georgia.phillips@hcesc.org 674-4260
Pina Brittnii Education Field Supervisor brittnii.pina@hcesc.org 674-4280
Puntenney Marianne Intervention Specialist-SBH marianne.puntenney@hcesc.org 396-5940
Quitter Katrice Education Consultant katrice.quitter@hcesc.org 674-4268
Rabe Don Treasurer don.rabe@hcesc.org 674-4237
Rabe Tina Family Service Worker tina.rabe@hcesc.org 674-4299
Reverendo Elsa Administrative Assistant (SST & Instructional Services) elsa.reverendo@hcesc.org 674-4274
Reyes-Rau Connie Supervisor - ELL Services connie.reyesrau@hcesc.org 674-4298
Rieke Sharon Consultant sharon.rieke@hcesc.org 674-4234
Riley Sean Education Consultant sean.riley@hcesc.org 674-4296
Ripley Sheryl Mental Health Specialist sheryl.ripley@hcesc.org 674-4299
Rojas Kris Education Consultant - Gifted kristen.jojas@hcesc.org 674-4238
Ruiz Lotty Early Head Start Home Visitor lotty.ruiz@hcesc.org 674-4299
Ruiz Lucia Cook I lucia.ruiz@hcesc.org 674-4344
Salyers Jessica Education Field Supervisor jessica.salyers@hcesc.org 674-4523
Samad Kelly Administrative Assistant (COG) kelly.samad@hcesc.org 674-4201
Sanders Mackenzie Family Service Worker mackenzie.sanders@hcesc.org 674-4299
Scarlato Julie Curriculum Consultant julie.scarlato@hcesc.org 674-4232
Schaeffer Irene Special Services Supervisor irene.schaeffer@hcesc.org 674-4338
Scharff Barbara Data/Software Coordinator barbara.scharff@hcesc.org 674-4293
Schloss Jenny Early Head Start Home Visitor jenny.schloss@hcesc.org 674-4299
Schuster Pam Early Childhood Teacher Assistant pamela.schuster@hcesc.org 396-5940
Scott Amy Speech Language Pathologist amy.scott@hcesc.org 396-5940
Scudder Leesa Graphic Designer leesa.scudder@hcesc.org 674-4249
Sears Bill Educational Leadership Specialist bill.sears@hcesc.org 674-4207
Sherman Christina Educational Consultant - Math christina.sherman@hcesc.org 674-4216
Silva Brenda Family Service Worker brenda.silva@hcesc.org 674-4299
Simms Vera Teacher Assistant vera.simms@hcesc.org 396-5940
Slone Ann Supervisor - Speech and Language ann.slone@hcesc.org 674-4255
Smith Jackie Teacher Asst - SBH jackie.smith@hcesc.org 396-5940
Smith Paul Center for Urban Educational Services Director paul.smith@hcesc.org 674-4214
Smith Rosa Education Field Supervisor rosa.smith@hcesc.org 674-4350
Snow Timothy Intervention Specialist-SBH timothy.snow@hcesc.org 396-5940
Spicher Amy Education Consultant amy.spicher@hcesc.org 674-4276
Stamper Rusty Technology Administrator rusty.stamper@hcesc.org 674-4287
Standbridge Marybeth Family Service Data & Communication Assistant marybeth.standbridge@hcesc.org 674-4327
Stehlin Michael Custodian michael.stehlin@hcesc.org 674-4321
Stine Karen Supervisor - School Psychologist & School Counseling karen.stine@hcesc.org 674-4308
Stone Carmen Early Head Start Home Visitor carmen.stone@hcesc.org 674-4299
Strief Jon Assistant to the Treasurer jon.strief@hcesc.org 674-4256
Struewing Nancy Early Childhood Intervention Specialist nancy.struewing@hcesc.org 674-4323
Surico Johnnie Custodian/Maintenance johnnie.surico@hcesc.org 396-5940
Taper Sue Intervention Specialist-SBH sue.taper@hcesc.org 396-5940
Teel Diane Enrollment/Transportation Coordinator diane.teel@hcesc.org 674-4326
Tekulve Katie Senior Graphic Designer katie.tekulve@hcesc.org 674-4315
Tirey Kathy Director - Early Learning Services kathy.tirey@hcesc.org 674-4203
Turner Carolyn Education Consultant carolyn.turner@hcesc.org 674-4240
Walker Stephanie Teacher Asst - SBH stephanie.walker@hcesc.org 396-5940
Warmoth Nancy Health Manager nancy.warmoth@hcesc.org 674-4368
Waver Maranda Early Head Start Home Visitor maranda.waver@hcesc.org 674-4299
Webb Traci Fiscal Coordinator traci.webb@hcesc.org 674-4356
Wegener Kelly Education Consultant kelly.wegener@hcesc.org 674-4301
Wendeln Matt Operation Services Administrator matt.wendeln@hcesc.org 674-4264
Wilkins Amy Family Service Worker amy.wilkins@hcesc.org 674-4299
Williams Angela Mental Health Specialist angela.williams@hcesc.org 674-4299
Williams Cedric Program Operations Coordinator cedric.williams@hcesc.org 674-4305
Wills Rosezella Early Head Start Home Visitor rosezella.wills@hcesc.org 674-4299
Wilson Cynthia Teacher Asst - SBH cynthia.wilson@hcesc.org 396-5940
Winter Barbara Health Nutrition Coordinator barbara.winter@hcesc.org 674-4316
Wong Patrick Consultant patrick.wong@hcesc.org 674-4584
Yearion Mary Jo HS Special Service Specialist maryjo.yearion@hcesc.org 674-4292