Instructional Technology Strategies for the Classroom

Blogs, wikis, social network sites and other interactive tools are creating a world of learning that is more networked and engaging.  HCESC TAG consultants can help teachers and students navigate a world of tools that are already being embraced by businesses, journalists and politicians, learning how to best incorporate these tools into classroom practice.

Individual sessions or coaching to help teachers use technology as a tool to support instruction can be customized to meet the needs of the teacher, school, or district.

HCESC TAG consultants can provide demonstrations and coaching regarding:
•Teacher mastery of technology tools to support and amplify core learning objectives
•Introduction of new tools to support student achievement (i.e., Chromebooks, Surface)
•Flipping the classroom
•Incorporation of Google Docs, Office 365, and other cloud-based technology

Not sure you see something that fits? We’ll develop a solution to fit your needs. It’s all about innovation in teaching and learning with technology.

Renita Heideman, 513.674.4312