Learning Center at North Norwood

The Hamilton County ESC Learning Center at North Norwood is a public separate school for students with disabilities specializing in intensive supports for students with behavioral and/or mental-health needs. An interdisciplinary approach provides a team of professionals working with the student and his/her family and community-support systems in building effective academic and social/behavioral strategies needed to be successful in his/her most natural educational and community setting.

Services Provided:

  • Provide a link in the continuum of services for students with disabilities experiencing behavioral and/or mental-health needs
  • Facilitate collaboration between families, schools, and community-support systems in addressing students’ behavioral and/or mental-health needs, including assisting in the connection of students to mental-health services
  • Unique courses including: Rock and Roll Academy, Music Industry Leadership and Career Credentialing Programs
  • Provide a structured behavioral-support program including:
    • School-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS)
    • Daily instruction in social skills
    • Instruction in affective education and communication skills
    • Small-group interventions for students demonstrating common behavioral needs (e.g., group work, conflict resolution)
    • Intensive, individualized interventions utilizing the processes of functional behavioral assessment and behavioral intervention planning
  • Provide a highly-structured academic program delivered by Highly-Qualified Teachers and utilizing the principles of Understanding by Design, Universal Design for Learning, and Differentiated Instruction
  • Provide nursing, school-psychological, and speech-language services based upon students’ needs and as directed by their IEPs
  • Facilitate the provision of other related services as directed by student IEPs
  • Assist districts in meeting the requirements of federal, state, and local special-education directives

In addition to services provided on site, the Learning Center at North Norwood also offers consultative services to schools, families, and community-service providers needing assistance in developing and implementing behavioral strategies that promote the inclusion of students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Services are provided via consultation with the Learning Center’s Supplemental Service Teacher (SST) and are offered at an hourly rate.

Melissa Heitzman, 513.396.5943
Mary McKinley, 513.396.5940