Media Streaming

HCESC offers discounts on yearly subscriptions to Learn360 multi-media, web-based streaming services.

Learn 360
Engage students with a comprehensive K-12 solution featuring over 10,000 full-length videos, 93,000 resources including video segments, speeches, music and effects, newsreels, and thousands of images from major award-winning content providers, including 25,000 Articles from Concise Britannica Encyclopedia.  Also, add your own content or choose from thousands of teachers’ favorite resources from the most trusted and award-winning educational content partners.

Content Features:
• Collection covers Social Studies, Science & Technology, English, Math, World Languages, Vocational Guidance, Health, Guidance, and Arts.
• Search for digital content by State & Common Core Standards plus 21st Century Learning Skills, keyword, grade level, or subject area
• Cutting-edge digitization brings you the best quality streaming media and provides many recent titles at the highest digital quality level.
• Users can have their own My Learn360 page with features such as: Assignment/Quiz Creation Tool, Classroom Blog Creating Tool, creating playlists, and ability to upload and share their documents and media
• Custom media can easily be added and linked to Learn360 by grade-level, subject area, and standards.
• Choose your media player --- QuickTime, Flash, or Windows Media Player
• Set different default bit rates for streaming and downloading – 384Kb, 512Kb, 1.5Mb

Administrative Features:
•User statistics and search data available
•Customizable reports available

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