Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) teach skills in the development of fine motor, prewriting, visual motor perception, sensory processing, behavioral regulation and self-help (feeding, oral motor and personal care). OTs provide functional educationally based evaluations, customize activities and provide adaptations for successful participation in the classroom.

Physical Therapists teach functional movement skills, provide evaluations and therapeutic educational interventions in the areas of sensory motor development, movement and mobility skills, balance, coordination, and self-care.  PT's design and adapt equipment to improve postural support, facilitate functional movement and increase independence within the school environment.  A physician prescription may be requested.

  • To provide qualified therapists who understand special education laws and implement best practice based on research within the educational model
  • To collaborate with school personnel, parents and agencies in developing interventions and identifying resources within the school community
  • Full-time/part-time personnel to meet district needs
  • Customized professional development specific to school-based practice
  • Tests, materials, professional resources and equipment for trial or short-term loan
  • Consultation for difficult or unusual cases and professional issues
  • Independent evaluations as needed

Georgia Phillips
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