Ohio Teacher Evaluation (OTES) Services

The new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System contains many requirements and there is a need to continue learning about teacher evaluation.

HCESC has a team of OTES specialists who are credentialed and ready to support your district’s implementation of this required process. From providing the official OTES training that prepares administrators to take the assessment to be credentialed, to providing on-site evaluators to lighten the load of principals, HCESC can meet a district’s specialized need in this area. HCESC also has created a program called “Beyond Credentialing” that will reinforce inter-rater reliability. We are committed to supporting the complete implementation of OTES.

If your district needs some help implementing OTES, please feel free to contact Hamilton County Educational Service Center.

Karen Austin, 513.674.4512
Bill Sears
, 513.674.4207